Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scanning Government Documents: Don't Try This At Home!

One thing I’ll give the City of Richmond, they’ve made campaign statements available on its website so they can be viewed online and you don’t have to make a trip to the City Clerk’s Office to see which candidate or councilmember is being influenced by a particular business interest.  The real drag is that many of the statements aren’t necessarily in chronological order.  But it’s an effort.  (You can view a tutorial here)

I’ve been to Richmond’s City Clerk’s office on several occasions and I must say the staff there is very pleasant and helpful.  If there is ever the potential of entering a Bureaucratic Vortex I at least appreciate being greeted in a cordial manner.

On my last visit I thought that I could personally help Richmond save some money, or at the very least free up some time for the person who uploads these documents, so they can apply their time towards something more productive.

I volunteered to scan the campaign contribution statements and upload them to the city’s website.  However, I was told that it was a “very difficult and involved” process and that Richmond has a private contractor who provides the service.  

I explained that I already know how to do the job as I’ve scanned several documents at home and uploaded them online (HERE).  The staff member was adamant that only a professional would be able to handle the task.


I suppose I can add “professional document scanner” to my resume.

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