Thursday, December 11, 2014

Serendipitous Encounter

I write this at 4:20 PM.

Earlier today, December 11, 2014, I serendipitously ran into a television reporter from CBS5 while I was looking at the effect of the most recent rain in my former neighborhood.  He was the cameraman during an interview I did back in 2010 and he decided to do an impromptu follow-up interview today.
I'm writing this before the report from today airs anticipating what comments may be made by any representative of the City of Richmond or by any viewer/reader once the report is aired and posted.

There's a good possibility that the reporter will point out that he house was bought in an estate sale with no disclosures required.

This fact has been stated in previous television and newspaper reports as well as neighborhood email forums by Richmond staff and councilmembers to deflect the issue that the neighborhood flooding is due to the tax-payer funded storm drain infrastructure not working.

I could have won the house in a poker game while wearing a clown suit.


How the property was acquired has no bearing on Richmond's obligation to maintain its infrastructure and allow residents their right to "peaceful and quiet enjoyment" of their homes.

Just to confirm for those who believe that the home was purchased blindly, due diligence was done including a property i.d. which showed the neighborhood was in Flood Zone "A" (per FEMA) indicating a one percent chance of flooding with each rain.  Thus, there would be no belief that the neighborhood would endure the flooding from the storm drains that it did nearly ninety-nine percent of time.

Van Fleet Ave., Richmond, CA 12/3/14

Van Fleet Ave., Richmond, CA 2008
Additionally, there were no public records indicating that the storm drain infrastructure didn't work or  was in disrepair.  Besides, most potential homebuyers would assume that basic city infrastructure worked properly.

Another erroneous statement that city staff has made previously is "the neighborhood is below sea level".  According to the USGS the elevation is over 7ft.

Just for the record.

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