Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Richmond, CA: The Storm Drains are Deja Vu All Over Again

 December 3, 2014, I visited my former neighborhood which I left over two years ago and took the following pictures.

Facing west on Van Fleet Ave., Richmond, CA
Facing 5201 Van Fleet Ave., Richmond, CA
The storm drain infrastructure in the neighborhood consists of six city streets with a minimum of nine houses that are directly effected by the lack of proper drainage.  The water flows from the streets onto homeowners' properties bringing with it oil, trash, sewage from backed-up pipes, and other detritus.

I had no delusions that the scene would be any different.  It's something I witnessed over thirty times in the nine years I lived there and pleaded and fought Richmond to address.

But Richmond, it's management, and council, refuse to address the storm drain infrastructure in this neighborhood.

Rather than take action, they choose to express their "sympathy".

In a 2010 interview, Richmond City Manager, Bill Lindsay said,
"I can't stress enough that I'm really sympathetic to the problem.  Nobody wants to live in a situation where their property is flooding.  It's really a shame."
Richmond exacerbated the issue when it privatized its storm water infrastructure to Veolia Water, the largest water company in the world, in 2004.  Thus, creating a double bureaucracy.

As the Romans would have said it:

If you're going to buy or rent a home in Richmond, CA = "Caveat Emptor".

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